Van Damme Six Pack

  |  540 min
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Six action films starring Jean Claude Van Damme. In 'Derailed' (2002), a train rockets across Eastern Europe and on board are agent, Kristoff (Van Damme), and Galina (Laura Harring), a beautiful high-tech thief. Holding the passengers hostage are a band of terrorists who have come to steal the bioweapon on board. With the train off course and on a collision course for danger, Kristoff becomes a one-man army, taking on the terrorists and trying to save the lives of everyone on board. 'The Order' (2001) stars Van Damme as Rudy, a former smuggler who travels to Jerusalem to rescue his kidnapped father from the clutches of ruthless extremists. In order to get his dad back, Rudy must use his skills to locate an ancient scroll which contains information about a mysterious sect. He goes to work immediately, but there are many who wish to see him fail, not least the sect itself. In 'In Hell' (2003), Kyle LeBlanc (Van Damme) is in an Eastern European lock-up for the murder of the man who tore his marriage apart. Every week the inmates must enter the ring for no-rules ultimate-fighting matches. LeBlanc is soon the most successful fighter, but is also trying to escape to freedom. 'Second in Command' (2006) stars Van Damme as Sam Keenan, an official who's just been appointed as Second in Command to the US Ambassador at an American Embassy in a small, turbulent Eastern European nation. When local insurgents attempt a coup d'etat, the nation's president takes refuge inside the embassy. The embassy is then besieged by the well-armed insurgents. The US Ambassador is killed in the ensuing action, and now it's up to Sam and the embassy's small detachment of Marines to fend off the attackers. In 'Wake of Death' (2004), Ben Archer (Van Damme) is an ex-mob enforcer seeking revenge against a ruthless Chinese kingpin responsible for his wife's brutal murder. When Archer joins forces with his old underworld friends, an all-out war is waged against the Chinese Triad. Finally, in 'The Shepherd - Border Patrol' (2008), when a rogue Special Forces unit attempts to smuggle heroin into the United States from Mexico, it's up to border patrol agent and former homicide detective, Jack Robideaux (Van Damme), to stop them.