Vermeer, Beyond Time

  |  90 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Documentary written and directed by Guillaume and Jean-Pierre Cottet about the renowned Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. For a great many years Vermeer was forgotten, even by the most prolific art connoisseurs, until the rediscovery of his relatively few paintings. Before his mysterious death Vermeer produced 34 works, the most famous of which portrays a girl with a pearl earring. Vermeer often used expensive pigments to create his carefully, patiently crafted paintings and this expense combined with the ponderous rate at which he worked left his family in debt at the time of his death, while his lack of pupils left him with no legacy. Now, with Vermeer widely recognised as one of the prime artists of the Dutch Golden Age, this documentary explores the circumstances of his life and death and the masterpieces he left behind.