Vietnam: An Inside Look

  |  Buy to Own: 07/04/2008
  |  756 min
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Three-volume set of archive documentaries on the USA's conflict with Vietnam, seen from a pro-American perspective. Volume One, 'Navy in Vietnam', comprises: 'The American Navy in Vietnam' (1967), 'Beans, Bullets and Black Oil' (1968), 'Task Force 77' (1969), 'Contact Ambush' (1966), 'Ready On Arrival: USS Independence' (1968), 'River Patrol' (1968) and 'Small Boat Navy' (1968). Volume Two, 'Marines in Vietnam', comprises: 'A Few Good Men', 'Full Blade', 'A Day in Vietnam' (1967), 'Battle: Part One' (1965), 'Sand and Steel', 'Engineers Up', 'Vietnam! Vietnam!' (1970), 'Marines' (1965), 'On Target' (1967) and 'For Thou Art With Me'. Volume Three, 'In Focus: Vietnam', comprises: 'The Hidden War in Vietnam' (1964), 'A Nation Builds Under Fire' (1966), 'Red Chinese Battle Plans' (1964), 'Why Vietnam' (1965), 'Night of the Dragon' (1965), 'Your Tour in Vietnam' (1970), 'Vietnam Crucible' (1968), 'A Day in America: US Culture and Patriotism' (1968), 'To Save a Soldier' (1966) and 'Medal of Honor: Captain Hillard A. Willbanks'.