|  Book Tickets: 07/05/2010
  |  132 min
Rated 12A by the BBFC
Virsa Film Poster


Bollywood drama set in an expatriate Punjabi community in Sydney, Australia. Nawaz Ali (Naumaan Ijaz) from Lahore and Ranvir Singh Grewal (Kawaljeet) from the Punjabi village of Kartarpur become best friends after migrating to Sydney. Twenty years later, Grewal's indulgent ways reflect in the wayward behaviour of his son Yuvraj (Aarya Babbar), while Ali's son (Aman Dhaliwal) is firmly rooted in his native culture. This drama explores the conflicting pressures of second-generation immigrants growing up in a Western culture.

Contains infrequent drug use and one scene of moderate threat
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