Viva Riva!

  |  93 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Viva Riva! Film Poster


Kinshasa. A melting pot of crime, corruption, drugs and debauchery where the poor have nothing and the rich live as kings and queens. Money is everything in this sleepless city, and if you've got it, anything can be yours.When Riva, a young, impetuous entrepreneur, returns from a successful trip across the border with his pockets full of cash he has only one thing on his mind - to party. In a packed club he becomes transfixed by one girl's stunning beauty and pursues her through the humid night. But the money Riva is spending doesn't belong to him. And the girl he is chasing belongs to another...Quickly Riva's dream of decadence becomes a violent nightmare as he is pursued by two angry gangsters bent on wreaking their revenge. Only his wits and cunning will help him escape as the dark night closes in and his world is thrown into turmoil.