Viz: Box Set

  |  Buy to Own: 09/10/2006
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A four-disc compilation of the animated spin-offs from the adult humour comic 'Viz.' Making a successful leap from the pages of the infamous comic to the small screen, Northeastern misogynist 'Sid the Sexist' is out to abuse and verbally batter the female sex, utilizing every cliché chat-up line in existence, labeling all non-takers as lesbians. 'Oh Lordy, It's The Fat Slags,' follows Tracy and Sandra - two portly young women who wear nothing that is less than cling-film tight, are forever on the lookout for sex and chips and are, essentially, Sid The Sexist's female alter ego. In 'Slags at Large', San and Tray go looking for action on Saturday night. 'Working Girls' sees the Slags starting an orgy at the dole office, and in 'Dirty Weekend', a caravan trip to the country turns into... another orgy. A second helping of The Fat Slags is included in the shape of 'Blue Honeymoon' in which the girls get the blues because they've lost their Romeo Baz to their rival and so decide to wreak havoc on the couple's honeymoon at Paradise Park. 'Roger Mellie, The Man On The Telly,' features the star anchor man of Fulchester Television, a foul-mouthed lecherous alcoholic trying to make it as a smooth-tongued TV presenter. 'Billy The Fish,' features another Viz favourite - a spoof on the old Victor and Hotspur comics' football heroes - only this one is a tiny fish with a soccer player mullet.