Waiting Just Friends Van Wilder - Party Liaison

  |  Buy to Own: 25/09/2006
  |  279 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A triple bill of Ryan Reynolds' comedy. 'Waiting' is a gross-out comedy following the sordid goings-on behind the scenes at 'Shenaniganz', a generic chain restaurant. Dean (Justin Long) has worked as a waiter there for years, but soon starts to resent his dead-end job when he hears of a former classmate's lucrative career in electrical engineering. His sleazy, skirt-chasing best friend Monty (Reynolds) is in exactly the same boat, but is perfectly happy to continue his partying lifestyle with the other freaks and misfits who work at the restaurant, including his ex-girlfriend Serena (Anna Faris), and the deranged head cook Raddimus (Luis Guzman). While Monty introduces shy new recruit Mitch (John Francis Daley) to the intricacies of the job, including how to tamper with unpleasant customers' food and a bizarre staff competition known as 'The Game', Dean tries to figure out how he can change his life around, or whether he should just take the assistant manager's job at the restaurant. In 'Just Friends' when he was at high school in New Jersey, Chris Brander (Reynolds) was an overweight nerd who secretly pined after his best friend, the beautiful Jamie Palamino (Amy Smart). Confessing his love to her on graduation day, Chris was mocked by his classmates and gently told by Jamie that she wanted to stay 'just friends'. Ten years later and Chris has transformed himself into a handsome, successful record producer, as well as a serious ladies' man. When he's assigned the task of signing up his ex-girlfriend Samantha (Anna Faris) to a record label, Chris finds himself stuck in New Jersey and decides to hunt down Jamie and win her over now that he's a changed man. But Chris has to get back in touch with his inner geek when he finds that he has a rival for Jamie's affections, to prove that he's as sensitive now as he ever was. Whilst in 'Van Wilder - Party Liaison', to Van Wilder (Reynolds), college doesn't get you ready for life, it is life. So when his father puts a stop to his cash flow, it looks like the party might finally be over for Van.