Walk Hard - The Dewey Cox Story

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  |  96 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


John C. Reilly plays it strictly for laughs in this irreverent spoof biopic of fictional rock and roll legend Dewey Cox. Friend of Elvis and the Beatles, the iconic figure of Dewey Cox bestrides the decades, churning out the hits in a career that has taken him from hick balladeer to national institution. Although he's tried every drug known to man, and bedded more than his fair share of beautiful women, the time has come for Dewey to face his greatest test - trying to win the heart of his beautiful backing singer Darlene (Jenna Fischer). But with his popularity showing no signs of abating, will the rock and roll maverick finally be able to put his hell-raising life behind him and settle down to a life of domestic bliss?

Contains very strong language and strong nudity, sex and drugs references
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