Walking In The Oppostie Direction

  |  Book Tickets: 27/04/2017
  |  140 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Walking In The Oppostie Direction Film Poster


Walking In The Opposite Direction: Adrain Borland & The Sound Dir. Marc Waltman, The Netherlands, 2016, 96 mins A profile of the savagely charismatic music and troubled life of Adrian Borland, leader of British post-punk’s great lost icons The Sound. It is a tale of headstrong talent and dark despair: English singer-songwriter Adrian Borland, whose poetic lyrics, passionate vocals and compelling guitar work fuelled the critically lauded, Stooges and Joy Division-hued post-punk band The Sound, battled mental illness before taking his own life in 1999. This haunting music documentary, by turns troubling and tender, was made in the Netherlands where Borland found his greatest acclaim. Via insights from those who knew him best, it turns an unsparing eye on an artist’s fierce creative vision and fearless determination to pursue his muse, even at the cost of his peace of mind. Combining performance footage, photos and interviews with friends, partners, collaborators and his father Bob, a constant support in his career, Walking in the Opposite Direction traces Borland’s career from early punk band The Outsiders, through critically acclaimed Sound albums including Jeopardy (1980) and In The Lion’s Mouth (1981), to his final solo recordings. Waltman’s film captures the exhilaration and charisma of Borland’s music, as well as the black dread that followed him.