War On Everyone

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  |  93 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


British comedy written and directed by John Michael McDonagh. The story follows frustrated Albuquerque cops Terry (Alexander Skarsgård) and Bob (Michael Peña) as they attempt to take the law into their own hands. When the rogue duo discover a group of shady individuals are gathering in town for a big heist, they decide to keep the information from their under-pressure police chief and work the case for their own benefit. Having to fraternise with the kind of characters they're more used to locking up, they come across a host of ex-cons and lowlifes more than eager to help them reach their goal. But as the pair delve deeper into the New Mexico underworld, they soon realise they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

strong language, violence, sex, sex references, nudity, drugs misuse
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