War, Soldiers and Heroes Collection

  |  303 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple bill of dramas set during the Second World War. In 'Attack Force Z' (1982) Mel Gibson stars as Captain P.G. Kelly, the young leader of an elite squad of hardcore Australian soldiers working behind the lines on a Japanese occupied island. After a plane is shot down the soldiers are sent to save any survivors but to succeed they must avoid the Japanese troops and enlist local underground operatives to help them. 'Massacre in Rome' (1973), based on the book 'Death in Rome' by Robert Katz, is set in the final days of the war as partisans plan an attack on a column of Germans in the city of Rome. Fearing that the attack might take place, Gestapo chief Lieutenant Colonel Herbert Kappler (Richard Burton) advises his commanding officer not to order the column to march the next day. Nevertheless, the march goes ahead and 32 Germans are killed. The partisans hide out with a local priest but orders come in to exact revenge in what was to become known as the 'Massacre in Rome'. In 'Casablanca Express' (1989) Winston Churchill (John Evans) travels by train to Morocco for a meeting with Franklin Roosevelt in 1942 as the Nazis plan a paratrooper raid to kidnap him. Assigned to escort and protect the Prime Minister is a special American and Allied military intelligence detail led by commandos Alan Cooper (Jason Connery) and Captain Franchetti (Francesco Quinn).