War Triple

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  |  284 min
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Triple bill of WWII films. In 'Anzio' (1968), American war correspondent Dick Ennis (Robert Mitchum) lands with the Allied forces at Anzio, comandeers a jeep, and drives all the way to Rome and back without encountering the enemy. When he reports this to the commanding officer, he learns that the Allies intend to build a beach stronghold before pressing on to Rome. However, this delay gives the German forces time to build their strength, and soon the Allies finds themselves trapped on the beachead, engaged in a ferocious confrontation which will go down in history as one of the bloodiest battles of the Second World War. In 'Cockleshell Heroes' (1955), ten marines are in training for a sabotage mission. Whipped into shape by a no-nonsense Sergeant Major (José Ferrer), the men are charged with destroying a number of giant German battleships in the harbour at Bordeaux - a mission they will carry out by entering the harbour in canoes and attaching limpet mines to the vessels. Facing almost impossible odds, the men demonstrate their resolve, and pursue their task with great courage. Ronald Reagan and future wife Nancy Davis make their only screen appearance together in the naval drama 'Hellcats of the Navy' (1957). Commander Casey Abbott (Reagan) takes his submarine crew on a perilous mission to secure a link between the Asiatic mainland and Japanese home islands. Over the course of the mission, Abbott teaches his second-in-command, Landon (Arthur Franz), to distinguish between duty and personal feelings. This is put to the test when Landon is forced to leave Abbott stranded in the sea, before he is picked up and cared for by young nurse Blair (Davis).