Watch The Sunset

  |  Book Tickets: 12/08/2018
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Watch the Sunset, an Australian crime-drama made in one shot, takes the viewer on an emotionally charged ride through a man’s struggles to reconnect with his family due to his violent, troubled past. Danny, played by co-director and co-writer Tristan Barr, is a man on the edge. The sprawling scenery, measured pacing and economic dialogue serves nicely to develop his anxiety and tension – there is barely a word uttered in the first 15 minutes. Over time, we learn that Danny is desperate to reconnect his deeply damaged relationship with his ex-partner, Sally (Chelsea Zeller), and their daughter, Joey (Annabelle Williamson). During their reparative chatter, Joey is taken by two dangerous looking-thugs and it looks like things will never be the same for this struggling family. Danny is now faced with the overwhelming task of facing his past, whilst dragging the woman he loves further into the chasm of blackness he was so desperate to escape from – all in the pursuit of saving their beloved child. At around 80 minutes in length, the film’s greatest asset – in addition to the “one shot” element – is its tautness: it never overreaches or turns in directions it shouldn’t, and remains economical and focused in its objectives. Directors Tristan Barr & Michael Gosden know what they want to portray and how they want it portrayed. Australia 2017 Tristan Barr & Michael Gosden 79m