We Steal Secrets - The Story of WikiLeaks

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  |  124 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Documentary maker Alex Gibney examines the WikiLeaks phenomenon and the question of how information is accessed globally. With a goal 'to bring important news and information to the public', the fledgling website, founded in 2006 by Australian Julian Assange, gained worldwide notoriety in 2010 with its leaking of highly sensitive US classified material, including the infamous 'Collateral Murder' footage of US air strikes on civilian targets in Iraq, along with over 250,000 diplomatic cables. In addition to detailing how the website came to be, the film explores the issues surrounding the freedom of information and moral responsibility, whilst comparing and contrasting the impact that the furore has had on founder Assange, and Pfc. Bradley Manning, the US soldier charged with supplying the leaked material.

Contains strong real images of violence and strong language
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