Weekend in Vegas

  |  Buy to Own: 23/08/1999
  |  90 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Writer Jed (Tim Abell) and would-be actress Sally (Gabriella Hall) are a married couple struggling to get by. After Jed gambles his wife's $30,000 trust fund away, the pair make one final bid to save their financial situation by travelling to Las Vegas and gambling their remaining money. Amazingly, they win more than they could possibly have imagined. After a celebratory love-making session in their hotel, however, Jed returns to the tables and loses all once again. He is then propositioned by club owner Sherry Landis (Tane McClure), who offers him $100,000 for a night of sex. Should Jed accept, and assure his and Sally's future? Or should he remain penniless but faithful to the woman he loves?