Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

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  |  109 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC
Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins Film Poster


Upbeat homecoming comedy as a glitzy talk show host returns to the land of his roots. Having pulled himself up by his bootstraps, self-help guru RJ Stevens (Martin Lawrence) has come a long way from his Deep South childhood. Now, with all the trappings of a successful TV career and a gorgeous celebrity fiancee on his arm, RJ feels he's finally arrived in the 'city of the angels'. So when he receives an invitation to his parents' 50th wedding anniversary, RJ sees it as the ideal opportunity to show the folks back home how well he's done, and receive the praise he feels he's due. But when he arrives in his old stomping ground to find his family distinctly underwhelmed by his Californian approach, RJ realises that maybe it's time to re-evaluate his life.

Contains one use of strong language and moderate sex and sex references
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