Welcome To Marwen

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  |  111 min
Rated 12A by the BBFC
Welcome To Marwen Film Poster


American biographical drama based on the life of Mark Hogancamp, who was viciously attacked outside of a bar leaving him with life-threatening injuries. After leaving hospital and going about his rehabilitation, Mark (Steve Carell) is left brain-damaged and unable to recall memories and events leading up to the incident. Determined to regain control of his life, Mark constructs a scale model town in his garden named Marwencol, which he populates with structures and dolls to resemble a town in the midst of WWII. Using Nazi figures to represent his attackers and an army of five women who represent his real-life friends who have each assisted in his recovery, Mark immerses himself in his world and uses his imagination to escape the traumatic memories which haunt him.

moderate violence, injury detail, sex and drug references, discrimination
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