Western Heroes: Volume 1

  |  324 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Western triple bill. 'Legend of the Lost' (1957), set in the Sahara Desert, sees John Wayne as Joe January, a hard-drinking guide who sets out to discover a lost treasure in North Africa, and along the way falls in love with Dita (Sophia Loren). In 'Barquero' (1970), a group of Mexican bandits, led by Jake Remy (Warren Oates), head for Lonely Dell in order to cross the Paria River. They leave a trail of death and destruction along the way, but when they arrive at Lonely Dell, they do not expect any resistance. The bargeman Travis (Lee van Cleef) has persuaded the townsfolk to abandon their homes and take refuge across the river, so that he can fight off the bandits himself. The arrogance of the bandits then leads to violent death at the hands of Travis. In 'Soldier Blue' (1970), which is based on the events of the 1864 Sand Creek Massacre, a naive cavalry officer (Peter Strauss) and a resourceful young woman (Candice Bergen) survive a Native American attack and have to make their way home through the wilderness. As they face the hardships of the journey, the couple fall in love, only to witness a horrific bloodbath as the U.S. Cavalry takes revenge upon their enemy, in a battle that became notorious for its brutality.