What Women Want Miss Congeniality Heartbreakers

  |  Buy to Own: 08/09/2003
  |  346 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A comedy triple bill. In 'What Women Want' hot shot advertising executive Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) thinks he's God's gift to women and can get anyone he wants. After an accident he discovers that he can hear what women are really thinking about and is upset that his showing off techniques are not popular with his female colleagues. To make matters worse his dream of being promoted to a higher position has been thwarted by man-eating, new team member Darcy (Helen Hunt). He does not like this and uses his new found powers to ruin her by reading her mind and selling her ideas as his own. But soon his plan backfires as she starts to fall in love with him and there seems to be no way out. In 'Miss Congeniality' when the Miss United States beauty pageant receives a threat from a notorious criminal, hardnosed FBI agent Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) is assigned to go undercover as a contestant in the competition and track him down. Gracie is none too happy about this, and when top expert Victor Melling (Michael Caine) arrives to help transform her from a tomboy into a convincingly elegant Miss New Jersey, she proves to be a most difficult student. Nevertheless, after Gracie enters the pageant, she soon forms a strong bond with her fellow contestants, and begins to worry for their safety as the killer continues to elude arrest. Whilst in 'Heartbreakers' Maxine Connors (Sigourney Weaver) and daughter Paige (Jennifer Love Hewitt) are a successful con-artist double act. Scheming mom Maxine lures rich men to the altar only to set up a seduction via her daughter that guarantees a hefty divorce settlement a little time later. Some debts to clear, Maxine fixes well-intentioned billionaire William Tensy (Gene Hackman) in her sights, which Paige insists will be her last job. Complications ensue when Paige falls in love for real with a lowly bartender (Jason Lee) and washes her hands of the project, forcing Maxine to somehow deal with this sticky situation and come to terms with her daughter's real emotional agenda.