When the Beat Drops

  |  Book Tickets: 13/11/2018
Rated TBC by the BBFC
When the Beat Drops Film Poster


Athletic, acrobatic synchronised dance routines and built from the practice, persistence and the passion it takes to be a part of a national championship squad is one of the many  things that make this a thrilling and compelling invitation into the Atlanta born subculture of the world of Bucking. Inspired from the football fields of Atlanta cheerleaders and born in gay clubs and gatherings.  Since the 80’s, Bucking has grown to become a team sport of squads competing across America in national competitions! When the beat drops introduce us to the families of big personalities, passionate debates, and inter community challenges and conflicts that arise being a part of world that require discipline and commitment in a society where you could lose your livelihood if seen and how we confront and overcome these battles to, not only win the championship, but win our hearts. When The Beat Drops is a valuable addition to a long list of resounding examples of how queer people have, and will, always gather and build art, families and culture as resilience to the world around them. This year find out how battles are won, passion is unleashed and the love that comes alive… “When The Beat Drops!” In partnership with BlacKOutUK Supported by Scruff