When Two Worlds Collide

  |  Book Tickets: 09/09/2016
  |  103 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Directors: Heidi Brandenburg, Mathew Orzel. Peru/Qatar 2016. 103 mins. Spanish with English subtitles. The title of this Sundance-winning film by debut directors Heidi Brandenburg and Mathew Orzel succinctly sums up the ideological, sometimes violent confrontation between the indigenous people of the Peruvian rainforests and that country’s government. A landmark – and land-grabbing – 2008 deal between Peruvian President Alan García and US President George W. Bush essentially allowed foreign companies to exploit Peru’s vast natural resources. In this the Peruvian government ignored the interests of local inhabitants, whose cause was headed by Alberto Pizango. Pizango organised roadblocks, and then launched the occupation of key industrial sites, which in turn triggered bloody conflict with García’s military. Using a mixture of their own footage, news reports and amateur film shot over several years, the filmmakers have wrought a forceful documentary.