White Lightnin'

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  |  84 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Dominic Murphy's feature debut, which has already develpoed something of a cult following, is a semi-fantasised biography of the 'dancing outlaw': legendary Appalachian mountain dancer Jesco White (Edward Hogg). Born into abject poverty and continually in and out of reform school throughout his childhood as a result of his wild behaviour, White learns the art of mountain dancing - the feral cousin of tap dancing, played out to frenetic country banjo music - from his father, D-Ray (Muse Watson). By channeling his dark thoughts and crazed energy into his dancing, White struggles to control the psychosis for which he is frequently hospitalised, but the demons of his addictions and his troubled past keep resurfacing. Carrie Fisher plays White's much older lover, Cilla.

Contains strong bloody violence
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