White Reindeer

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  |  82 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
White Reindeer Film Poster


Zach Clark directs this seasonal black comedy starring Anna Margaret Hollyman. With Christmas right around the corner and a move to Hawaii on the horizon, Suzanne (Hollyman) and her husband Jeff (Nathan Williams) are looking forward to the next step in their lives together. However, when Suzanne arrives home one night to find Jeff has been killed in a home invasion, all her dreams are shattered and she becomes overwhelmed by grief. Later, when she learns from one of Jeff's workmates that he also had a mistress called Fantasia (Laura Lemar-Goldsborough), it appears that her seemingly happy marriage was one built on lies. Suzanne then tracks Fantasia down at a nearby strip bar and, instead of being angry with one another, the two women bond over their mutual loss. Soon enough, a friendship begins to develop and Suzanne is introduced to a lifestyle that is worlds apart from her own...

strong sex, sex references, drug use, bloody injury detail
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