Wild Blue Yonder

  |  Book Tickets: 22/10/2007
  |  Buy to Own: 04/10/2010
  |  81 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Using NASA imaging and stunning underwater photography, director Werner Herzog directs this cautionary sci-fi fantasy, a personal plea to protect our planet's resources. A group of astronauts circle the planet, unable to return to a now uninhabitable Earth. Growing ever more desperate, the astronauts dispatch a probe, Galileo, in the slim hope of finding a suitable haven somewhere in the galaxy. Meanwhile on Earth, aliens from another planet, The Wild Blue Yonder, have for some time been trying to establish a community, so far without success. Having escaped their dying planet, the aliens soon find that Earth is rapidly heading towards the same fate. One of the aliens (Brad Dourif) narrates through words and images the futile attempts made by humans to find a new planet to inhabit, and focusses attention on the need to preserve the Earth's natural resources.