Wild Gals Of The Naked West Blacksnake

  |  Buy to Own: 20/06/2005
  |  143 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Wild Gals Of The Naked West Blacksnake Film Poster


Double-bill of fast-paced cult classics from the breast-obsessed director Russ Meyer. In 'Wild Gals of the Naked West' (1962), Meyer's parody of the western genre, Julie Williams stars as the girlfriend of the evil Snake Wolf (Frank Bolger). When Snake's woman shows interest in a diminutive stranger in town, the scene is set for a final showdown, complete with ten gallon hats and six-shooters. In 'Blacksnake' (1973) Lady Susan Walker (Anouska Hempel) rules Blackmoor plantation with a rod of iron (although she is pictured more frequently with a whip), aided by Captain Raymond Daladier (Bernard Boston). This arrangement comes under threat when Sir Charles Walker (David Warbeck) arrives to investigate the death of his brother, Lady Walker's most recent husband, inspiring the pacifist Isiah (Thomas Baptiste) and his fellows to rise up against Lady Jane's cruel regime.