Wild Things 3 - Diamonds In The Rough

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  |  83 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Wild Things 3 - Diamonds In The Rough Film Poster


Sequel to the popular thrillers 'Wild Things' and 'Wild Things 2'. Things get steamy in Blue Bay, Florida when Marie (Sarah Laine), a 17-year-old beauty, gets caught in a tangle of deceit and double-crossing after meeting the promiscuous Elena (Sandra McCoy), the 'new girl' at school. Elena is nothing but trouble, she teases Marie about her wealth and relentlessly flirts with Marie's stepfather, Jay (Brad Johnson). When Elena accuses Jay of rape with the intent of extorting money, she peaks the investigative interest of Kristen (Dina Meyer), a local, who campaigns for rape awareness in schools. Elena successfully extorts priceless diamonds that belong to Jay, but instead of freeing him from prison she proceeds with her rape charge. We learn that Elena, Marie and a local police officer, Chad (Ron Melendez), have been in on the scam from the get go. Will they get away with the perfect crime or is someone else behind this scheme?

Contains strong language and sex
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