Will Smith Box Set

  |  Buy to Own: 13/03/2006
  |  360 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Box set containing three movies starring Will Smith. 'I, Robot' (2004) is a special effects-laden sci-fi action thriller set in a future in which robots have become a vital component of human beings' everyday lives. Although the technology of the robots has become more and more advanced, they are all pre-programmed to always obey humans and under no circumstances to harm them. So when robot scientist Dr Alfred Lanning (James Cromwell) is murdered and a humanoid robot is implicated, the authorities are extremely worried: if the robots can overcome the basic moral principle of their existence, what's to stop them taking over the world? Robot-hating Chicago Police Detective John Spooner (Smith) is assigned to investigate this alarming case. In 'Independence Day' (1996), when massive spaceships appear, hovering above planet Earth, the world stands in awe and wonder. This soon turns to terror as the aliens launch an all-out attack, devastating the planet. The survivors, led by American President Thomas J. Whitmore (Bill Pullman), decide to fight back. The traditional B-movie format is updated for the 90s, making it one of the biggest box office smashes of all time. In 'The Legend of Bagger Vance' (2000), Rannulph Junnah (Matt Damon) is without doubt the finest golfer in the state. With Adele Invergordon (Charlize Theron), the beautiful daughter of a wealthy landowner at his side, it seems nothing can go wrong for young Rannulph. However, the couple's idyll is shattered when the Great War begins, and Rannulph is drafted to fight in Europe. Many years later, Adele seeks out her old flame to compete in a big golf tournament, but Rannulph is a broken man, a slave to the bottle, and can only be encouraged to play again when Bagger Vance (Will Smith), a charismatic caddy, shows up. Bagger Vance's mystical presence then proceeds to change the lives of Rannulph and Adele in ways they could not expect.