William Castle at Columbia: Volume 1

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  |  343 min
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William Castle at Columbia: Volume 1 Film Poster


Collection of horrors directed by William Castle. In 'The Tingler' (1959) coroner Dr. Warren Chapin (Vincent Price) discovers a parasite which he names The Tingler, created in people's bodies as a by-product of fear before it crushes their spinal columns. The Tingler can only be subdued by its victims' screams, but when Dr. Chapin attempts to induce fear in himself, it all goes horribly wrong and before he can put a stop to it the pest goes on a rampage. In '13 Ghosts' (1960) a typically wholesome family inherit a house, unaware that it contains a hidden fortune and an array of ghosts. These include a headless lion and his tamer, a knife throwing baker and his wife, a skeleton and a hanging woman. Will the family fight for their place in the house or will they run for their lives? In 'Homicidal' (1961) Emily (Jean Arless), a young nurse, returns from her own murderous wedding ceremony to the house where she looks after a mute, wheelchair-bound stroke victim named Helga (Eugenie Leontovich) and who she confesses to that she has just murdered a justice of the peace. When a police investigation leads a local shop owner to confront Emily and check up on Helga, chaos ensues as Emily's true identity is revealed. In 'Mr Sardonicus' (1961) a renowned British doctor (Ronald Lewis) is summoned to a castle in Central Europe by his ex-girlfriend (Audrey Dalton). She asks him to perform a miracle cure on her paralysed husband, Baron Sardonicus (Guy Rolfe). The treatment is a success, and as a reward the Baron clears the way for his wife to return to the doctor's arms. However, the castle's devious servant reverses the effect of the cure - and the Baron finds his jaws are jammed together.