William Tell: The Complete Series

  |  Buy to Own: 25/04/2005
  |  975 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
William Tell: The Complete Series Film Poster


The complete series of the classic 1950s television programme, starring Conrad Phillips as the legendary Swiss hero struggling against the tyranny of the occupation by Austria. In this series, Tell famously slights the symbol of the occupying emperor, and as punishment has to shoot an apple from his son's head using his skills with a bow. Fleeing to the mountains with his friends and family, Tell leads successful missions against the Austrian forces. Includes all 39 episodes: 'The Emperor's Hat'; 'The Hostages'; 'The Secret Death'; 'The Gauntlet of St Gerhardt'; 'The Prisoner'; 'Voice in the Night'; 'The Assassins'; 'The Baroness'; 'The Elixir'; 'The Suspect'; 'The Cuckoo'; 'The Bear'; 'The Magic Powder'; 'The Golden Wheel'; 'The Bride'; 'The Boy Slaves'; 'The Young Widow'; 'Landslide'; 'The Trap'; 'The Shrew'; 'The Manhunt'; 'The Killer'; 'The Surgeon'; 'The Ensign'; 'The Unwelcome Stranger'; 'The Avenger'; 'The Bandit'; 'Gessler's Daughter'; 'The General's Daughter'; 'The Raid'; 'Castle of Fear'; 'The Black Brothers'; 'The Lost Letter'; 'Secret Weapon'; 'The Master Spy'; 'The Traitor'; 'The Spider'; 'The Mountain People' and 'Undercover'.