Wolf's Rain: The Complete Collection - Box 2

  |  Buy to Own: 27/08/2007
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The final 12 episodes of the anime fantasy series created by Keiko Nobumoto, following a group of wolves who embark on a quest to find a legendary paradise on Earth that has been rumoured to reveal itself only to wolves. Whilst Kiba, Tsume, Hige, Toboe and the latest addition to the pack, Blue, continue towards Darcia's fallen keep, Kiba becomes increasingly obsessed with getting Cheza back. So much so that he is willing to abandon his friends and go on ahead to get her. Upon arriving at the castle, a fight between Darcia and Kiba seems inevitable, and the pack doesn't have to wait for long before an unexpected menace appears, threatening the group's safety. The new menace is called Jaguara, a merciless noble who lives as a recluse in a hidden fortress, located inside the biggest domed city left on the Earth. Jaguara aims to use the wolves in order to open the doors of Rakuen for the Nobles. However, time is short as the world is drawing ever closer to its fateful end...