Woody Allen Collection: Volume 4

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  |  491 min
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The final installment of the 'Woody Allen Collection' featuring five popular films from the acclaimed writer-director. In 'Crimes and Misdemeanors' (1989), when Judah's (Martin Landau) mistress (Anjelica Huston) threatens to tell his wife (Claire Bloom) about their affair, he contacts his gangster brother and arranges to have her killed. Meanwhile Cliff (Woody Allen), a documentary filmmaker, is falling in love with his producer (Mia Farrow) while making a film tribute to the brother-in-law he hates. Moral dilemmas abound as the two stories interweave, Judah and Cliff both needing to make a decision that could change their lives forever. In 'Alice' (1990), Alice (Mia Farrow,) a troubled New York housewife, visits a Chinese acupuncturist who prescribes a variety of herbs. Some embolden her, one makes her invisible, still others allow her to re-visit her past. Also starring Joe Mantegna and William Hurt. 'Shadows and Fog' (1991) follows the events of a single night in a small European town during the 1920s. Allen plays Kleinman, a fearful little man who is woken up one night to participate in a mob search for a killer. On the edge of the same town the circus has just arrived and the series of incidents that occur affect not only Kleinman but all the townfolk. In 'Anything Else' (2003), Jerry Falk (Jason Biggs) is an aspiring comedy writer, who lives and has relationship problems with his odd girlfriend (Christina Ricci), an aspiring actress. Falk meets up with teacher-turned-part-time-comedy-writer David Dobel (Allen) who gives him guidance and advice on how to try and make his relationship work. Finally, in 'Melinda and Melinda' (2005), Sy (Wallace Shawn) is having dinner with some friends when they begin debating the nature of the tragic and the humorous. Sy, observing that a very fine line separates the two, decides to demonstrate this by showing how the same story can be either funny or sad depending on the way certain elements are handled. He uses the story of Melinda (Radha Mitchell), a young woman with some serious problems in her life. In the tragic version, Melinda crashes a dinner party thrown by old friends Laurel (Chloe Sevigny) and Lee (Jonny Lee Miller). When she arrives, she is under the influence of alcohol and pills, much to the annoyance of Lee, an actor hoping to impress a producer who is one of his guests. After breaking up with her husband, Melinda lost custody of her children and came to New York City, where she became involved with Ellis Moonsong (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a handsome and well-mannered composer whose promises to her proved to be worthless. In the funny version, Melinda shows up dazed and confused at the home of Susan (Amanda Peet) and Hobie (Will Ferrell), who are in the midst of a dinner party. Learning about the sad state of Melinda's love life after divorcing her husband and losing custody of her children, Susan decides to play Cupid and fix her friend up with a well-to-do dentist. However, neither Susan nor Melinda are aware that there is another man deeply interested in the troubled divorcee - Hobie.