Xam'd: Lost Memories Collection 1

  |  Buy to Own: 18/07/2011
  |  303 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Episodes 1-13 of the Japanese anime series about a schoolboy who finds himself transformed into a strange creature. Living on the peaceful island of Sentan, Akiyuki's world is turned upside down when, along with his best friends Haru and Furuichi, he is caught up in an explosion on the school bus. When he finally awakes, Akiyuki finds himself in the midst of a strange light which enters his arm, transforming him into Xam'd, a powerful bio-mecha capable of enormous power. Episodes comprise: 'Xam'd at the Dawn of War', 'Blackout On Sentan Island', 'The Way to Freedom', 'Enlightenment', 'Shattered Bonds', 'Live Fire', 'Guardians of Stone', 'Showdown at Tsumebara Pass', 'The Astonishing Raigyo', 'Moving On', 'Assault: The Zanbani', 'Flowers Blooming into the Dark' and 'Running Barefoot'.