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  |  86 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Drama from first-time Argentinian director Lucia Puenzo. Alex (Ines Efron) is a 15-year old hermaphrodite who's more female than male. Her family have moved to a relatively uninhabited, remote island in an effort to keep her out of trouble, but when the first boy who takes a liking to her discovers her secret, he ends up with a broken nose. Then, to the disquiet of her embarrassed parents, she quits the medication that keeps her mostly female. At her wit's end, Alex's mother Suli (Valeria Bertuccelli) invites old family friend, plastic surgeon Ramiro (German Palacios) and his teenage son Alvaro (Martin Piroyanski) to spend a weekend on the island to talk about the 'normalisation' operation that would define Alex forever as either girl or boy. As the adults wrestle with the dilemmas that will arise when Alex reaches adulthood, Alex and Alvaro begin to develop strong feelings for each other...

Contains strong language, sex and moderate sexual assault
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