|  Buy to Own: 01/03/2004
  |  163 min
Rated U by the BBFC
Yahudi Film Poster


Late 1950s Bollywood drama set in ancient Rome. When the son of Jewish jeweller Ezra (Sohrab Modi) accidentally injures Roman govenor Brutus (Nasir Hussain), he is given a death sentence. In retaliation, Brutus's daughter Lydia (Meena Kumari) is kidnapped and brought to Ezra by his servant Emmanuel (Ramayan Tiwari). Instead of killing the child to get revenge, Ezra decides to rename her Hannah and bring her up as his own. Years later, Prince Marcus (Dilip Kumar), the heir of Julius Caesar (Murad), is due to be married to Brutus's niece Princess Octavia (Nigar Sultana) but when he falls for Hannah he disguises himself as a Jew called Monshija so that he can get close to her. With his upcoming nutials, however, the truth is likely to come out. Will Hannah forgive his betrayal?