You Rang, M'Lord?: Series 3

  |  Buy to Own: 19/06/2006
  |  345 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
You Rang, M'Lord?: Series 3 Film Poster


All seven episodes from the third series of the BBC comedy from writers Jimmy Perry and David Croft. When Alf Stokes (Paul Shane) and James Twelvetrees (Jeffrey Holland) meet in the trenches of World War One, they help save the life of a wounded officer. Years later, they both find themselves working on the household staff of that officer's brother, Lord Meldrum (Donald Hewlett). In this series, Alf is being pestered to finalise his divorce, Lord Meldrum becomes concerned at the plight of the working-classes, and James is offered a chance to be butler for an even wealthier family. Episodes are: 'Please Help the Orphans'; 'Current Affairs'; 'Mrs Lipton's Nasty Turn'; 'Meet the Workers'; 'Gretna Green or Bust'; 'The Night of Reckoning'; and 'A Day in the Country'.