You're Under Arrest: The Complete OVAs - Files 1-4

  |  Buy to Own: 05/05/2003
  |  112 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The complete set of OVAs for this animated series. In 'File 1' Natsumi and Miyuki are to be partners in the Tokyo Highway Patrol, but get off to a bad start when Miyuki arrests Natsumi for riding her Moped recklessly en route to work. However, the pair have to put their differences aside when they try to catch 'The Fox', a traffic regulation defying driver with a customised Morris Minor. In 'File 2' Natsumi and Miyuki are forced to deal with the effects of a freak typhoon. Meanwhile, the streets are haunted by a yellow Lancia, whose driver has a penchant for victimising lady biker cops... In 'File 3' romance is in the air when gossipy dispatcher Yorika spreads a rumour that Miyuki is due to attend a matchmaking session; will this finally spur her tongue-tied admirer Ken into asking for a date? Natsumi is determined to see that it does, but will the fact that Yorika has got the story all wrong throw a spanner in the works? In the final episode, 'File 4' Natsumi and Miyuki look set to split when the former receives an offer from the Captain which is too good to refuse. Ken is on hand to offer sage advice, but how will Miyuki fare when she is teamed with a car-sick new partner? Can Natsumi make it as a motorcycle cop? And just who is the mysterious 'Fox'?