Yu Gi Oh: The Official Fourth Season

  |  Buy to Own: 04/04/2016
  |  847 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All episodes from the fourth season of the animated series inspired by the Yu Gi Oh trading cards. The episodes are: 'The Pulsation of a New Darkness', 'The Seal of Orichalcos', 'Nameless Dragon - Timaeus', 'The Invitation from Pegasus', 'The Nightmare of Toon World', 'Awaken! Critias', 'An Unexpected Enemy', 'Mai Who Fell Into Darkness', 'Revive! The Third Dragon', 'The Miracle of Hermos', 'Target - Nameless Pharaoh', 'Yugi Vs. Rafael - The Impregnable Guardian Deck', 'The Truth of Doma', 'The Darkness Within Yugi - Timaeus Disappears', 'A Taken Soul', 'The Runaway Train Duel', 'Power-Up Deck! Haga & Ryuzaki', 'Timaeus Won't Activate', 'Confrontation! Two Yugis', 'Orichalcos Soldier', 'Valon Moves! The Mysterious Armor Deck', 'The Revenging Amelda - The Duel in Heaven', 'Sky Fortress Ziggurat', 'The Shadow of Dartz Creeps Near', 'Clash! Jonouchi Vs. Valon', 'Fullarmor Gravitation', 'Reverberating Soul', 'The End of the Fierce Battle', 'A Bitter Victory', 'The Duel of Destiny! Yugi Vs. Rafael', 'Invincible! Guardian Deathscythe', 'Destroy the Darkness of the Heart!', 'To the Place of the Final Battle! Dartz Vs. Yugi and Kaiba', 'The Tragedy of Atlantis', 'The Captive Mirror Knights', 'The Third Seal of Orichalcos', 'Revive! The Three Legendary Knights', 'Infinite Attack Power - Serpent God Ge', 'Battle of the Gods' and 'Walk Into the Light'.