Yu Gi Oh: Volume 5 - Evil Spirit Of The Ring

  |  Buy to Own: 07/06/2004
  |  64 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Three further episodes from the first season of the animated series inspired by Yu Gi Oh trading cards. In 'Evil Spirit of the Ring', Yugi's classmate Bakura becomes possessed by his Millennium Ring's dark powers, and traps Yugi and his friends in a Shadow Game where they themselves become the cards. Yugi must battle to avoid becoming a permanent part of the card game, and to free Bakura's soul from the Millennium Ring's control. In 'The Light at the End of the Tunnel', Pegasus's hired duelist Panik cheats Mai into losing all her star chips. Yugi vows to defeat him and win them back. But when Panik's Castle of Dark Illusions enshrouds his monsters in a black mist, Yugi finds himself struggling to defeat an enemy he cannot see. In 'Winning Through Intimidation', Yugi boldly provokes Panik, showing that physical strength can be beaten by quick wits.