Yu Gi Oh

  |  Buy to Own: 25/12/2003
  |  384 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A collection of 18 episodes from the first season of the animated series inspired by Yu Gi Oh trading cards. In 'The Heart of the Cards', Seto Kaiba forces Yugi Moto's grandfather into a duel - in which he takes his most valued card, Blue-Eyes White Dragon. In 'The Gauntlet is Thrown', Joey decides he wants to learn how to be a duellist, and asks Yugi's grandfather to train him. 'Journey to the Duelist Kingdom' sees Yugi reluctantly taking part in the Duelist Kingdom tournament after his grandfather's soul is taken by Maximillion Pegasus. In 'Into the Hornet's Nest', Yugi is lured into the forest where a duelling arena appears. The duel between Yugi and Weevil continues in 'The Ultimate Great Moth'. In 'First Duel', Joey accepts a duel with Mai, and is amazed that she plays without even looking at her cards. In 'Attack From the Deep', Joey and Tristan meet Mako, a sea duelist, who challenges Yugi to a duel. In 'Everything's Relative', a small, masked kid escapes from Pegasus's castle and challenges Yugi to a duel. In 'Duel With a Ghoul', the guard holding Mokuba captive claims that two witnesses saw Kaiba jump to his death, but he mysteriously reappears. In 'Give Up The Ghost', Yugi defeats the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, only to find there are two more waiting in the wings. In 'The Dueling Monkey', Joey decides to battle Rex Raptor without the help of his friends to prove that he is man enough to take care of Serenity on his own. In 'Trial By Red Eyes', Joey duels valiantly, but Rex Raptor has unleashed his secret weapon: the Red-Eyes Dragon. In 'Evil Spirit of the Ring', Yugi's classmate Bakura becomes possessed by his Millennium Ring's dark powers. In 'The Light at the End of the Tunnel', Pegasus's hired duelist Panik cheats Mai into losing all her star chips. In 'Winning Through Intimidation', Yugi boldly provokes Panik, showing that physical strength can be beaten by quick wits. In 'The Scars of Defeat', Joey challenges Kaiba to a duel. Kaiba agrees, on the condition that they use his company's new holographic technology. In the two-parter 'Arena of Lost Souls', Joey is lured to a deathly cave called the arena of Lost Souls by a gang of zombies led by the dreaded Bandit Keith.