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  |  83 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
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Director: Gyula Nemes. 2015, Hungary, 83min. UK PREMIERE A bee-keeper’s stand against our society of consumption is taken to the extreme. N runs a bottling factory for artificial honey but, when he tastes the real thing his life changes radically. He leaves his factory and starts working with bees in the traditional way. However, the harmful effects of a mobile phone tower are destroying his bees. In the meantime he has fallen in love with L, the daughter of the director of the phone company. Their legal fight to save the bees is unsuccessful and they embark upon an eco-warrior crusade against GM crops, factories and transport routes. Their actions become more extreme and radical – after hacking the media they move on to taking hostages: key political and economic leaders. This not-to-be missed Hungarian action adventure is witty, sexy and sinister with a powerful environmental message at its core.