Quality Matters

FindAnyFilm.com helps you find the films you're looking for and guides you to a format that's right for you.

You'll find thousands of film titles here, ALL from reliable sources, high-quality and entirely legal — ensuring a convenient and enjoyable experience every time. Take a look at the many film formats available and different ways to experience films you find on the FindAnyFilm.com website:

  • Cinemas and other public venues

    Ranging from countrywide chains to local, independent cinemas, there are almost 800 venues showing films on the big screen in the UK. Whether it's a blockbuster or an art-house title, cinema is still the first opportunity legally to see almost all new releases.
  • DVD

    DVD — the most popular film format today. Traditionally available four months after first release, DVD is a great way to access bonus material from your favourite film, again and again. Rent or buy, through FindAnyFilm.com.
  • Blu-ray Disc

    With superior picture and sound quality, Blu-ray Discs have become a firm favourite with film fans. Connect an HD-TV to your Blu-ray player or Playstation3 (PS3) for the full benefits of this high-definition platform.
  • Digital Copy

    A digital copy of a film is a bonus file embedded on a disc or can be downloaded using a code that is included with the disc, giving you an additional and authorised copy to store on your computer's or mobile device's hard drive or in the cloud, depending on what suits you best.
  • Download-to-own/electronic sales (EST)

    Once you've chosen a film to watch on your computer or portable player, you can download files enabling you to keep and view the title for as long as you like. FindAnyFilm.com can guide you to the UK's highest quality legal film download sites.
  • Download to rent/Video-on-Demand (VoD)

    Just like DVD or Blu-ray Disc rental, digital files can also be downloaded to your computer or portable device for a limited play period. This varies with the rental service you use, but is usually five to seven days.
  • Streaming films online

    You don't have to download films to your hardware. Like watching TV-on-demand, you can also view them by 'streaming' online, without waiting for a transfer to your hard drive. FindAnyFilm.com will guide you to sites where you can stream your favourite movies legally.

By using FindAnyFilm.com and viewing legal sources of film, you're also helping support the UK's successful film industry. We aim to find the highest quality, legal films for you to enjoy, wherever and however you choose to watch them.