Cult Kids Classics


Cult Kids Classics

Season 2 (1993)

Collection of episodes from six different children's television series, for nostalgia-heads. From 'Jamie and the Magic Torch' there are two episodes: 'A Marrow Escape' (1978); The Ghost of Spiny Mountain (1979). From 'Danger Mouse' there are two episodes: 'The Wild, Wild Goose Chase' (1983); '150 Million Years Lost' (1983). From 'Chorlton and the Wheelies' there is a single episode: 'Chorlton and the Spinning Wheel' (1979). From 'Rainbow' there is a single episode: 'Zippy is Tongue-tied' (1985). From 'Count Duckula' there is a single episode: 'Venice a Duck Not a Duck' (1993). And finally, from the cast of the Sooty Show comes Sweep in 'Superdog' (1985).

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