Danger Man


Danger Man

Season 1 (1961)

All 39 episodes from the first series of the 1960s espionage drama starring Patrick McGoohan as John Drake. in 'View From the Villa', Drake's investigation of a banker's murder takes him to the seaside town of Portmeirion. In 'Time to Kill', Drake is on the trail of a killer in Paris. In 'Josetta', Drake enlists the help of a murdered man's blind sister to try to track down the man's killer. 'The Blue Veil' sees Drake in the Arabian desert uncovering a slave trail. In 'The Lovers', Drake is enlisted by the a President's aide to protect the President during a visit to London. 'The Girl in Pink Pyjamas' sees Drake investigating a plot to kill a Balkan president after following up an unlikely lead. In 'Position of Trust', Drake works with a US agent to put an opium supplier from the Middle East out of business. In 'The Lonely Chair', Drake must impersonate the father of a kidnapped girl in order to save the girl's life. In 'The Sanctuary', Drake goes undercover to investigate the activities of an IRA gang. 'An Affair of State' is set in the Caribbean, where Drake discovers that the apparent suicide of a US economics expert was in fact murder. In 'The Key', Drake must find out who is leaking information from Vienna's US Embassy. 'The Sisters' features a beautiful young refugee who wants to claim political asylum; Drake has been assigned to investigate her case. In 'The Prisoner', Drake must act quickly to save the life of an American confined in the US Embassy on a Caribbean island. 'The Traitor', set in India, sees Drake betrayed by a potential killer. 'Colonel Rodriguez' sees Drake in the Caribbean again, accused of murder as he tries to clear the name of a jornalist charged with spying. In 'The Island', Drake's plane crashes with him and two prisoners inside. 'Find and Return' sees Drake trying to convince a girl to leave the mid-East with him, before the British catch up with her. 'The Girl Who Liked GIs' is set in Munich, where, in order to solve the murder of an American GI, Drake must pose as a GI himself. 'Name, Date and Place' sees Drake linking a series of apparently unrelated murders, and deducing that the victims were assassinated. In 'Vacation', Drake uncovers an assassination plot while on holiday. In 'The Conspirators', Drake protects a British Diplomat's widow from two would-be killers. 'The Honeymooners' sees Drake in the Far East, investigating the murder of a Chinese businessman. In 'The Gallows Tree', Drake is in the Scottish Highlands investigating the mysterious case of a stolen car covered in the fingerprints of a man thought long-dead. 'The Relaxed Informer' sees Drake investigating an interpreter thought to be a security risk. 'The Brothers' is set off the Sicilian coast, where Drake must recover a diplomat's bag stolen by mountain bandits after a plane crash. In 'The Journey Ends Halfway', Drake poses as a Czech engineer in order to break up an organisation that poses as an escape route for refugees, but in fact kills its clients. 'Bury the Dead' sees Drake investigating a car crash in which a NATO agent was killed. In 'Sabotage', Drake goes undercover as a pilot when the owner of an airline is killed, and several of the airline's planes crash. In 'Contessa', Drake investigates the smuggling of cocaine into New York City. 'The Leak' sees Drake joining forces with a European doctor to investigate a series of illnesses among workers at a nuclear power station in Africa. In 'The Trap', Drake follows a cipher expert to Venice after she disappears from her job at the US Embassy in London. In 'The Actor', Drake is in Hong Kong on the trail of a secret code being sent out by a radio station. In 'Hired Assassin', Drake poses as a South American revolutionary to infiltrate a gang of assassins plotting to kill the President. 'The Coyannis Story' sees Drake investigating a Balkan minister who has been embezzling government money. In 'Find and Destroy', Drake has to destroy a top-secret miniature submarine that has sunk off a South American coast. In 'Under the Lake', Drake uncovers more than he bargained for when he investigates the flooding of the US market with counterfeit notes. In 'The Nurse', Drake protects an infant king and his erstwhile nurse while on a rescue expedition in the Arabian desert. In 'Dead Man Walks', Drake is assigned to investigate the deaths of an entire team of researchers who were working on tropical diseases. 'Deadline' sees Drake in Africa, disguised as a gunrunner in order to catch a gang of terrorists.

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