Harry Hill's TV Burp


Harry Hill's TV Burp

Season 8

Hole in the Wall was tailor-made for Harry. It involved Dale Winton shouting inane catchphrases, while z-list celebs dressed in unflattering outfits had to bend into ridiculous positions - for the viewers' enjoyment. It also tickled Harry, who was to shout ?Bring on the Wall' at random moments throughout the eighth series. Since its conception the X Factor has also been a useful source of material for the bespectacled presenter, and this was abundantly evident during the eighth series. Louis Walsh even had his own segment called ?The Many Faces of Louis Walsh', which poked fun at the range of expressions he employed to illustrate his opinions about an act. These included joy, smugness, surprise, sadness, outrage and even holding his hand up in a Hitler-esque pose. He also regularly criticised Dermot O'Leary for saying ?Your Saturday night starts right here' when TV Burp was on before it. When TV Burp was moved in the schedule to follow X Factor, Harry couldn't resist repeating Dermot's phrase (and dismissing X Factor in the process). Another regular gag during this series was Harry shaking a plate full of jelly to The Surfaris' Wipe Out, a reference to Heston Blumenthal's Victorian Feast.

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Harry Hill