Laguna Beach - The Real Orange County


Laguna Beach - The Real Orange County

Season 3 (2006)

MTV series following a group of wealthy high school teens from Laguna Beach, California. Their lives are almost too perfect to be real - good looks, houses by the beach, even close relationships with their parents. They shop, plan parties and get brand new cars wrapped in a bow for graduation. Episodes comprise: 'The Thrill of the Hunt', 'Who Wants to Date a Rockstar??', 'We're Gonna Crash a Party', 'Old Friends, New Crushes', 'Kiss and Don't Tell', 'Headed for Heartbreak', 'Hook-Ups and Cover-Ups', 'Spies, Lies, and Alibis', 'First Date, Last Date', 'It's, Like, Break-up Season', 'The Three Day Rule', 'Only in Cabo', 'You Don't Just Get Me Back', 'Show Them What You've Got' and 'See You in a Decade'.

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