Space Patrol


Space Patrol

Season 1 (1968)

The complete series of the classic 1960s children's sci-fi puppet drama. In the year 2100, the crew of the Galasphere 347 voyage through the solar system to maintain the galactic peace, foiling threats from alien invaders who want to take over the Earth. Includes all 39 episodes: 'The Swamps of Jupiter', 'The Wandering Asteroid', 'The Dark Planet', 'The Slaves of Neptune', 'The Shrinking Spaceman', 'The Forgers', 'The Robot Revolution', 'The Ring of Saturn', 'Husky Becomes Invisible', 'The Buried Spaceship', 'Mystery On The Moon', 'The Glowing Eggs Of Titan', 'The Walking Lake of Jupiter', 'Time Stands Still', 'Message From a Star', 'The Fires of Mercury', 'The Invisible Invasion', 'The New Planet', 'The Human Fish', 'The Planet Of Light', 'The Talking Bell', 'The Miracle Tree Of Saturn', 'The Cloud Of Death', 'The Planet Of Thought', 'Explosion On The Sun', 'Volcanoes Of Venus', 'The Unknown Asteroid', 'The Evil Eye Of Venus', 'Secret Formula', 'The Telepathic Robot', 'Deadly Whirlwind', 'The Jitter Waves', 'Sands Of Death', 'The Hairy Men Of Mars', 'The Grass Of Saturn', 'Forcefield', 'The Water Bomb', 'Destruction By Sound', 'The Shrinking Gas Of Jupiter.'

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